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3D printable medieval buildings. City of Tarok is a 3D printable medieval and fantasy set for 28mm tabletop RPGs like D&D, Pathfinder and other miniature games. The campaign has ended! And raised $121K with the help of 1800 backers! Late pledge on our site Apr 17, 2020 · 1. Multi-Sized Face Mask Sewing Patterns. This is one of the most comprehensive sets of face mask tutorials currently on the web. Here you will find tutorials and printable patterns for a normal face mask, a face mask with a pocket to insert a filter or surgical mask, and even instructions on how to create a mask with a removable nose wire.

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Print out and glue, or tape this template on to a heavier piece of paper such as card stock. Then cut out the three templates below. Remember to cut out the eye holes. Once you have the three pieces cut out, glue, or tape pieces of cellophane on to the inside of the glasses. Be careful not to get the glue on the viewing area of the cellophane. All Templates. Each pattern has the real dimensions of the pegboard (from Perler or Hama), so that you can put them under a transparent pegboard. Due to the differencens, that different printers may have, it could be possible that the printed colors differ from those shown in the PDF template.

3D Printable Minecraft Steve Template. Includes: 2x PDF templates for large and small size. This is not a physical item. This is a high resolution digital file in JPEG and/or PDF format (300 dpi). Thin card stock is best to use for these. Once printed, simply cut and stick together! You can use scissors/craft knife, glue/tape, anything works! Panda Low Poly Mask, DIY Paper Craft Mask, PDF Template For 3D Masks. This digital template enable you to download, print and build your very own unique low polygon 3D Mask. You’ll require no experience, no shipping and no waiting around to get started. Make your own lovely Panda mask, using your home printer. Dimensions of a final object: Created by the VHA team, the 3D-printed Stopgap face mask is a personal protective mask health care workers can use for liquid barrier protection to the novel coronavirus. The mask works by securely fitting around the mouth and nose, strapping to the ears. The mask is also easy to disinfect and includes a disposable filter piece for reuse.