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The Interim Teaching Certificate and endorsements are valid and recognized only while the ARC teacher actively participates in the Schoolcraft ARC Currently certified teachers can now use an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) to add endorsements to their Michigan teaching certificate.

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In addition to the undergraduate programs at the Ashland campus, Ashland offers "2+2" and "bachelors completion" programs at our Elyria and The Dwight Schar College of Education offers a wide variety of graduate degrees and licensure, endorsement, and certificate programs for educators and others.Must also apply for the Residency Teacher Certificate or apply to add the endorsement to your teacher certificate and take the basic skills test in reading, writing, and math and the content knowledge test and obtain the Residency Teacher Certificate or the endorsement before the Initial CTE Certificate can be issued

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See full list on Jun 02, 2020 · Veterinary Services (VS) Endorsement Offices are responsible for the endorsement of your pet's International Health Certificate. While there are VS Endorsement Offices located in most U.S. States, all appointments and questions are routed through four primary locations. If you are already a certified Michigan teacher and want to add an ESL endorsement to your certificate, you can complete an ESL endorsement program through undergraduate or graduate coursework. If you do not have extensive teaching experience, you will have to complete a practicum...

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, neighbor, co-worker, teacher, bus driver, or librarian, you will find valuable insights and information in this 1.5-hour course. This course also serves as the prerequisite to other courses. Preview Course Added to linguistic competence writing proficiency needs developed socio-cultural competence which enables language learners to vary their use of the language taking into account the topic, the genre, the purpose and the addressee. Discourse competence in Writing makes the text well organized...