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Dec 23, 2020 · Excavator Mulching Head, SK260 Mount, 56in Cutting Width, FGT Rotor System with 30 Double Carbide Tools. Attachments: BRACKET, BH80 FOR SK350 (0016420) Updated: Fri, Dec 18, 2020 11:17 AM

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AFM 60 EUCA is the most efficient harvester head for heavy duty eucalyptus-debarking operations. ... HEAVY- DUTY EUCA HEAD H8 HD EUCA Ponsse Plc Distance N/A Address Ponssentie 22, Vieremä, 74200 View on map Phone 020 768 800 Services Sales, Factory, Training GENIOUS...

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11)Heads There are lots of choices now. From ported to stock. Stockers: The 317 stock 6.0L heads are based on the LS6 243 and flow pretty good. The 799 heads are basically 243. The L92 head will only fit a 4'' bore motor and will only work with L92/LS3 intake because of the different intake ports. Surface mount approved Quiet - silent operation Instant on and coloration Brighter than T8's I fucking love them. I have 12 fixtures in my garage of which 7 are now these LEDS. I have 5 more "in stock" waiting till the T8's that are left die. These things are great. Thanks for the...

AYR FARMERS MUTUAL TIMELINE OVERVIEW. 1941 The company purchased a property on 1 Stanley Street, 1896. 1901. 1906. 1911. 1916. 1921. 1926. 1931. 1936. 1941. 1836. 1893 Forced ventilation via ventilation ducts or grid floor. • Forced ventilation and a perfect air distribution with a perfect mixed-air regulation •Optimal use of the Dewulf's 2-row, trailed top lifting harvester with elevator, enables clients to harvest during difficult field conditions with a high capacity output.