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to pass laws. to provide, by voting for taxation, the means of carrying on the work of government. to scrutinise government policy and administration, including proposals for expenditure. The Scottish Liberal Democrats formed a coalition with Labour in the first two sessions of the Scottish Parliament...

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The constitution of a country (or a state) is a special type of law document that tells how its government is supposed to work. It tells how the country's leaders are to be chosen and how long they get to stay in office...

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The foundation subjects are Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law of Tort, Law of Contract, Land Law, Law of Trusts (Equity), and Law of the EU. Ask a Law Student - Email contact for questions about student experiences, with questions answered by current Cambridge Law students.The right of using water was a derivate of the rights to live that being guaranteed by Constitutional Law (UUD 1945) and considered as public law which differ with private law. 5. Water tenure right wasn’t ownership right of water resources, but the rights to acquire, use, and manage water based on quota determined by the government.

Preserving Constitutional Liberties Part II - The Loss of the American Constitution: Constitutional Law vs. Communitarian Law (Part Two) by Dave Hodges, November 12, 2006. "For communitarians, concerned with the nature of our public discourse, the importance of a reasoned conversation about this issue is paramount." Jul 15, 2018 · It is not clear who first coined the term “smart contract” for self-executing transactional processes and logics that play out on Blockchain/DLT platforms, but we applaud that decision. Even ... In a single transferable vote system, each voter is required to -. 1) Indicate one preference more than the seats to be filled up. 2) Indicate one preference less than the total seats to be filled up. 3) Indicate as many preferences as there are candidates to be elected. 4) Indicate only a single preference.