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Creating a “Video on Demand” within Bb’s Discussion Board 1. Create a new thread (or response) within a Discussion Board and fill out Message Subject 2. Select “Video On Demand” camera button within text editor (you may need to expand the editor to see camera button) ps & s

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This will help you find the correct video through the Blackboard Mashup system. STEP 2: Select the Mashup Tool when posting or replying in Blackboard (Discussion Board is the exampe below). STEP 3: Search for the desired YouTube Video / Username using the Mashup Tool in Blackboard. Add search criteria (name of video or publisher username). Login to Blackboard, access Course or Organization, click on Class Materials and your Learning Plan. 4. Click on Build Content, select Web Link. 5. Fill out the Name, paste the URL and fill out a Description. 6. Access the open YouTube, click the Share link, click Embed. 7. Click on Show More and uncheck "Show suggested videos when the video ... It has never been easier to create your own explainer video. mysimpleshow transforms any text into an animated video you will love. Thanks to our intelligent explainer engine all you have to do is watch the magic unfold.

Accessing Discussion Boards & Forums (in different ways) : Click Discussions in the course menu or Discussion Board in Tools. Open Course Tools in the control panel and select Discussion Board from list. Click on the discussion board with the name of your course (if it has been created). Click the "use old embed code" check box that appears below the video ; Re-embed the code in your Bb course content area. Part 2: Any video embedded in Blackboard You may embed video code from almost any site, or video streaming server in your Bb content areas. While researching the YouTube problem described above, we found the following.