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Review (Mpn: 7922373 FOR sale) 7922373 LEICA Lecamerphot.comar 5cM 35MM 1/2 Rangefinder Lens MOUNT Excellent Condition ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR. It caMe off a LEICA M2 caMera. Both rings adjust very easily. Only flay I saw was very Small nick in filter glass but would cause no problem. It is clean inside out glass. part: 7922373 prices ...

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Leica Summitar 50 1:2 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar. by vintage camera lenses · Published January 4, 2015 · Updated July 7, 2019. The Leitz Summitar 5cm f2 was produced from 1939 until 1953. It is a standard collapsible prime lens for Leica screw-mount cameras. The Summitar lens was also produced for the German military during the second world war. PROs: sharp & good contrast when stopped down; good ...part of the illuminator for the microscope ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR 1611. EUR 49,12. ... New DIN Plan 195 Achromatic Microscope Objective Lens 4X 10X 20X 40X 60X 100X.

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Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 3.5/3.5cm & E.Leitz Midland Canada's Stemar 1:3.5 f=3.3cm Stereo lenses. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Hektor f=7.3cm 1:1.9 Leica / E. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summarex f=8.5cm 1:1.5 (85mm f/1.5) E. Ernst (New York) Wollensak Velostigmat f=90mm 1:4.5 Anastigmat 1:4 f=90mm . Ernst Leitz Wetzlar "FAT" ELAMR 90mm f/4.0 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar ELMAR 90mm f/4.0. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar f=90mm 1 ...(2) 2 product ratings - LEICA 13.5mm f/4.5 Hektor BLACK Ernst LEITZ Wetzlar M39 Screw Mount LENS #655705

020-448.012 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Gmbh (38.8% similar) This is a ernst Leitz wetzlar gumbo. F objective lenses:10x 20x microscope this is in good working and physical condition eyepiece: 15xw....(July 8th, 2017) This is a pre-war Ernst Leitz Wetzlar MILAR 30mm f 4.5 microscope objective lens with iris ring. Made in Germany, as shown in the photos. Diameters about 20mm and 19mm at two ends, 26mm ouer diameter, length 13.5mm, lens weight 26g.