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Artifact • Material or physical aspects of a culture that are representative of that culture; made items • Examples: chopsticks, blue-jeans, the automobile, round hats, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, statues/monuments, mummies, flags, pyramids

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Based on examples from France and The Netherlands (two countries with major right-wing populist parties), the typology will differentiate between sociofacts, mentifacts and artifacts (cf. Huxley), and their use and appropriation by populist actors. mentifacts. In anthropology the ideas of “race,” “culture area,” and “the superorganic” are what potsherds and cult gods are for other tribes and tradi- tions. In this paper I consider the history of one mentifact of the anthropo- logical culture. I aim to show that this serves the same function as the study

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Oct 07, 2016 · Hey again! This post lists the multiple artifacts that the island of Luzon has to offer! Yawning Jarlet of Leta-Leta Cave, Northern Palawan A small ancient jar was found at the Leta-Leta cave in Northern Palawanconsisting of a rim that looks similar to an open wide-mouth of a shouting or yawning person.