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May 20, 2018 ยท Place JAR file into your openhab2-addons folder. Edit the file \openhab2-conf\services\addons.cfg Un-comment and add the binding to this line as follows binding = broadlink, anymore bindings here Restart Openhab2

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Homebridge Plugin for OpenHAB2 - Complete Edition. Exceeding features of homebridge-openhab2 and openHAB's Homekit Plugin since v.0.3.0. This homebridge plugin for openHAB fully supports all services offered by Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP), as far as it is feasible based on the item types offered by OpenHAB (see below for the currently supported 32 accessories). This openHAB Binding is now part of openHAB. It is called "Samsung Smartthings" in the Add-ons tab. Click here This is an openHAB binding for use with the Samsung Smartthings hub. On 9/19/20 it was submitted to openHAB for review and addition to openHAB bindings collection.

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August 2016 Categories openHAB2, openHAB2 basics, openHAB2 tutorial Tags Bindings, Channels, Discovery Service, openHAB2 1 Comment on Some additional basics. In this video I will show you and explain how to setup the GPIO Binding in OpenHAB 2. We will connect an LED, relay board, a button, and a door sensor to the...

Binding has been merged to openHAB main repository and will available in 2.5 version. Before that, new version can be found from official openHAB snapshot builds. Before official add-on documentation page is updated, binding documentation can found here.The binding could use the NetworkAddressService class to read this value (grep the other projects to get samples). Yes, I know the ON/OFF problem - same with my binding. However, I don't think that some kind of persistent ON/OFF value is a good idea. If the user uses a remote etc. to change power the binding will be out-of-sync.